V.I.C.I forever.

V.I.C.I forever.

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I’ve always been a coward,
And I don’t know what’s good for me.

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"Making his solo debut with the 1996 Ironman album, Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface has peppered his entire body of work with references to the billionaire superhero Iron Man and his not-so-secret identity Tony Stark.

One wonders if the differences in spelling (Ironman/Iron Man, Tony Stark/Tony Starks) are mistakes or just a fun way to dodge a cease and desist from Marvel.”

Read: 9 Rappers Named After Comic Book Characters

As a comics nerd and ’90s rap nerd, writing this list was deeply satisfying. 

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Bouncy house mix from living legend Lady Miss Kier »>

Had one too many whiskey sodas last night and my head feels like this today. 

Kinda kray for Kreayshawn’s pizza clubmusic jam right now.

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