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There is a reason why, in all the Gamergate rhetoric, you hear the echoes of every other social war staged in the last 30 years: overly politically correct, social-justice warriors, the media elite, gamers are not a monolith. There is also a reason why so much of the rhetoric amounts to a vigorous argument that Being a gamer doesn’t mean you’re sexist, racist, and stupid—a claim no one is making. Co-opting the language and posture of grievance is how members of a privileged class express their belief that the way they live shouldn’t have to change, that their opponents are hypocrites and perhaps even the real oppressors. This is how you get St. Louisans sincerely explaining that Ferguson protestors are the real racists, and how you end up with an organized group of precisely the same video game enthusiasts to whom an entire industry is catering honestly believing that they’re an oppressed minority. From this kind of ideological fortification, you can stage absolutely whatever campaigns you deem necessary.

This Deadspin piece on Gamergate is long but excellent, and does a great job of explaining why any remotely progressive person should care about this (even if you don’t give a shit about video games, which I don’t).


Same and same

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13 classic horror movies get limited edition posters [The Verge]

Wouldn’t call Teen Wolf a horror movie, but these are all amazing.


Gouache and colored pencil on paper, 8” x 8”. Also available as a print.

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so human

so human

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i didn’t realize how badly i needed an infinite loop of nicki minaj and ellen degeneres saying different words for booty until suddenly i had it.

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"Hausu" (1977) - Nobuhiko Obayashi

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Top 3 Halloween Costume Ideas Currently In the Running:

1. Sexy Misses Softee (need blue blazer, fishnets, red heels, giant ice cream cone for a head)

2. Sexy Falconer (need corset, sturdy glove, falcon and yes I know the bird in the picture is an eagle shut up)

3. Elvira, obviously