Had one too many whiskey sodas last night and my head feels like this today. 

Kinda kray for Kreayshawn’s pizza clubmusic jam right now.

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One of my Facebook friends posted this video last week and I loved it, partly because sad Madonna songs are my favorite Madonna songs, but also because of the tiny dog and dude’s amazing musical theater-ish delivery.

Anyway, two days later I walk into my gym and see a super beefy guy texting in the lounge area by the entrance.

It’s TOTALLY HIM! I surreptitiously compared his tattoo to the video on my phone and when I heard him belting Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” in the weights room it was 100% confirmed. It truly is a magical world we live in. 

I’m surprised by how much I like the new Deadmau5 album, it’s like an EDM 2014 version of Downward Spiral with some Boards of Canada mixed in.

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I’M OFFICIALLY HERE FOR SUMMER (this gel manicure was the most expensive ‘girlie thing’ I’ve ever done, btw)

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The Daily Show
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I haven’t watched the Daily Show in a minute, but this is amazing.